ALX Blog – Mothers Rule!

Phew what a weekend! It’s so weird that on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I do most of my music work because all my friends are out having fun on the weekends but I’m working! Haha! But I wouldn’t have if any other way. I love what I do.
Aside from Lulus and Kani Ka Pila grille, we played for a Mother’s Day dinner concert that was put together at the Hawaii Prince Hotel by our good friends Waipuna. Kale and Matt did an awesome job setting this concert up and we were so happy to be a part of it. Kaleo Trinidad’s halau boys kicked the night off with a bang, then we played, then Kuana Torres Kahele jammed, then Waipuna capped the night off! Whoooo it was awesome! They also flew in “Boom Shaka Laka Maka” as the MC for the night and he is fricken hilarious! Anyways, thanks you all for a fun night last night! I posted a few videos on my Facebook music page.

We also had a brunch yesterday to honor all the mothers in our family – my mommy, 2 grammas, aunty pat, aunty ruthann, aunty cookie, aunty Amy, an Jenna! Thank you Mother’s for everything you do!

Tonight we have practice for our upcoming trip to Japan!! So excited!!
Hope to see all our good friends soon across the sea!
Take care all,

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