Yokohama “Hana Hou”!

Good morning, peeps!

** Breaking News!  ManoaDNA has added a 2nd live show at Thumbs Up on Friday, June 1st!  Due to a last-minute schedule change, we will now have two performances – Friday & Saturday -  at Thumbs Up in Yokohama.  I’m really happy about this since many of our fans were unable to get tickets to our Saturday show because it sold out so quickly!  I believe tickets will be available starting this Sunday, 5/13, at 3pm, if you order by phone or go down to Thumbs Up – online orders start on Monday, 5/14.  But please hurry, because these tickets will also go fast!  Get ready, Yokohama … MDNA is coming to town and it’ll be time to rock ‘n roll baybeeee!!

We had a great time down at THE SWIM in the Hyatt Regency Waikiki last night with many visitors from the mainland and Japan dropping in to have a drink and enjoy the music.  I was able to meet several of our fans from Tokyo and Hokkaido along with a large group of “bloggers” who were also from the Tokyo and Osaka areas.  They were taking so many photos and video of us that it felt like we were holding a press conference!  It was a lot of fun, though, and it also made me realize that I have to smile more when performing!  I also want to acknowledge the staff at THE SWIM … they’re pretty awesome, especially bartenders Ed and David who always take such good care of us!  Mahalo, guys!  The Swim is located right next to the JAPENGO restaurant, which serves some great Asian fusion cuisine and their sushi and karaage chicken are to die for!

Hey … today’s Thursday, which means (drum roll, please!) .. golf!  But most of the guys won’t be there because they’ll be playing in a tournament over at the Pearl C.C. so it’ll probably be just me a couple of the degenerates.  Oh well, we’ll have fun anyway I’m sure!

Have a great Thursday, everybody!

Alooooooha, “D”


We’ve been very busy down at the IOLANI ON KONA ST. store this week with lots of people coming in to buy their Mother’s Day gifts for mom.  I’ve also met several visitors from Yokohama and Hokkaido who dropped by to say hi to ManoaDNA … really nice people!  One couple from Sapporo brought me some omiyage (gifts) of furikake along with a dried snack mix which is supposed to be good with beer.  The writing on the package of the snack mix says that if I eat all of it, I’ll live to be 150 years old!  Yeah, but who wants to look like a dried out prune with toothpick legs?!  hahaha!



  1. Hahaha… live to be 150 years old?  I’d also say “No. Thanks!!”  You are so funny.  I love reading your blog and boy’s blog too.  All of you guys give me a big laugh.  I need that! 
    We are looking forward to see you guys.  I’ll be there with my daughter.