Wednesday’s mean ManoaDNA is at Hyatt SWIM! We’ll be on the 3rd floor off the Hyatt Waikiki tonight from 5-8pm jamming music for all to hear! They just changed the menu to be more “bar” friendly. What does that mean? It’s cheaper!! This is good because it’s always nice to have people come to a place that’s a little easier on the wallet to hear our music. Come down and check it out!

Last night Nick and I played with our usual softball ball team called AKB and brought home a playoff win! It’s a really fun league that really is about just getting out, hanging with friends and having fun. It was our last inning at bat and we were down 2. It looked like our season would be over because last night we weren’t getting many good hits. How would’ve thought that we would explode for something like 6 runs and end up winning!! Good job team!

See you all at Hyatt tonight!

Live life upside down!