ALX Blog – Shochu? NO-CHU!!

If you have ever seen any of our blogs or pictures, you know that we love to have an occasional drink out at Japanese restaurants. One of the best parts of drinking in a Japanese restaurant is that they let you buy a full bottle of sake or shochu and leave it there for the next time you come in to drink. Not so anymore! Most, if not all restaurants can’t do this anymore for legal reasons!!! Nooooo!!!!

Is this suppose to be safer? My thought is that if you are able to leave your bottle, you are not forced to drink it all and can always come back to finish it. But now if you buy a bottle and are almost done with it, you will want to drink the rest instead of taking it home. Oh well, only time will tell!

Our local hangout, tsukuneya, had shochu that we would always buy, and our group of friends had a bet for how many bottles we would drink this year. We collected the caps of each bottle we bought in order to keep count. I guess that bet is over with now…there goes the $20 I was gonna win later this year 🙁

Anyways, the good news is the Yataimura beer garden at Shirokiya has really cheap beer. I’ll be there everyday. Not really. Ok maybe.


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