ALX Blog – Trim Trim Away!

This weekend was pretty busy with gigs and other music work, but on Sunday my friend and I decided to cut our trim our huge tree in front of the house. This wasn’t some easy task, this took all day and wiped us both out! First of all, the tree fought back with its stupid thorns all over it that made it look like I got mauled by a cat. Second, there was a nice new Toyota parked under the tree about 5 feet from where we wanted to cut a major branch off. The last thing we needed was to destroy someones new car with our amazing tree trimming abilities. Needless to say we finished the day with only minor cuts and no cars were destroyed.
After 3 truck beds full of branches and leaves went to the dump, we were finally able to enjoy the well cleaned tree by playing some hoops underneath it. No longer will we struggle with the tree capping our shots or pooping on our car!
Success was enjoyed at night with a round of beers passed from one manly hand to the next. We were all men on Sunday. Now, off to our manicures to clean up the scratches.

Spin it backwards!