ALX Blog – Cinco De Boys De!

Good morning everyone and welcome to ALX’s early Sunday morning sunrise edition of, The Little Blogger That Could! I’m ALX your host!!
Ok I don’t know what that was but for some reason I’m up early on Sunday…? I don’t know why…

Anyways, we had a fun night last night at Kani Ka Pila as we celebrated Cinco De Mayo and Boys Day all at once. It was a pretty mellow night all in all but towards the end I could tell that some people that were coming in for drinks already celebrated Cinco De Mayo and decided to scream loud to make sure everyone around them knew. It was fun tho!
On the plate today is a good old fashion front yard tree trimming. The tree is getting out of hand so my friends and I are going to chainsaw it! Pictures will be taken of our amazingness.
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Spin it backwards people! <-- (new slogan...???) AK