Thursday, 5/3

Hi guys,

I’m kinda in a “blog” funk these days … been having trouble getting motivated to update my blogs.  Sometimes I have so much stuff to share that it just gets overwhelming and I end up not writing anything at all.  Weird, huh?  Anyway, I’m sure it’s just temporary and I’ll be back to boring you guys on a daily basis again, so … you have been warned!

It was Manoa “D and A” last night as Alex and I performed over at the Swim in the Hyatt Regency with Ron Quong on bass and brother Seann on percussion.  Nick is traveling on the mainland til next week so it was just Alex & me.  Everything worked out just fine once I got used to singing as a duo – it requires a totally different mindset for me, but once “dialed in” I was good to go!  The place was packed with people, including many visitors from Japan who are in town for Golden Week, one of the major holiday periods over there.  One of our fans who came to see us, Yoshimi, told me that she waited over an hour on the phone to buy tickets to our June 2nd concert at Thumbs Up in Yokohama (it sold-out in less than 2 days!).  She and her friends were having a ball last night singing and dancing to ManoaDNA’s music … it was an awesome evening, and we are so fortunate to have such wonderful & supportive fans!

After we were done, we stopped off at Zippy’s on the way home for some take-out.  I ordered the chili & franks plate and Alex got the hamburger steak … both good choices.  I hadn’t gone to Zippy’s in quite a while, so the chili really tasted good … nothing like some good ‘ol comfort food to help you unwind after a busy night!  Of course, the puppies wouldn’t leave me alone while I was eating … just like flies at a picnic!

And yes, it’s Thursday … which means golf with my fellow degenerates this afternoon!  Yeehaaaaa!!

Aloha, “D”