Back from Fukuoka

After a quick trip over to Fukuoka (19 hours flying, 54 hours on the ground) with Hawaiian Air, we are back home and gearing up for a killer ManoaDNA week!  Just wanted to share some of the highlights with you.

First, check out the slideshow below for all the photos in our Fukuoka set…

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As for the highlights, ONWARD!

First, we arrived in Fukuoka to a very warm welcome by the Fukuoka government and airport staff.  There was traditional dancing, speeches, and snacks welcoming both the Hawaiian Airlines staff and all the travelers.

Welcome to Fukuoka Hawaiian Air!

Hawaiian Air Promo Team

If you think this member of the Hawaiian Air staff looks familiar, that’s because it’s former Miss Hawai’i Denby Dung!

While we were there, we had a couple of promotional shows featuring ManoaDNA & a young ‘ukulele player named Aiden James.  While those were good fun for us, the real reason we do this blog is so that we can show off the FOOD!  RIGHT?!?

Ippudo Gyoza

We start with ramen.  Specifically, tonkotsu ramen from Ippudo Ramen!  They feature a couple different colored soups (based on their ingredients), but I prefer the red one with a plate of fresh gyoza!

Fukuoka Tsukemen!

On our last day in Fukuoka, my friends took Alex & I to another noodle place.  But this time, it was the traditional cold noodle dish, tsukemen.  Tsukemen is basically ramen but they separate the noodles from the soup when the serve it.  This leaves a cold, firm noodle that you dip in the soup base and can knock out quickly!  There are a couple places around Fukuoka that feature tsukemen, and I highly recommend trying it!

Check out the slideshow above or visit the set on flickr.  I took a bunch of video also, so I am going to try and edit it this weekend.  Other than that, it is great to be home, and get ready to get back in the groove tonight at Lulus!

Navi Time Guy vs. Kawakami Guys