Happy Easter!

Good morning, bloggers!

It’s a beautiful Easter Sunday morning here in Paradise and we’re getting ready to go join the family for Easter Sunday brunch.  We had another great night at Kani Ka Pila last night with lots of friends and family joining in the merriment.  It was great to see my fellow Thursday degenerate, Hoagy, there with his wife, Pat, and several of their friends.  He didn’t want me to share his golf score from that morning, so no worry, brah .. (whisper) I won’t tell everyone you shot a 102!  Hahaha!  Good fun!  After we were done, the boys and I headed over to our pal Gregg’s house to unwind with a little wine & cheese.  Nick showed us a great way to aerate wine – he poured the wine into a glass decanter and gave it 3 quick whirls with a hand-held Braun blender.  A little unconventional but the results were amazing!

Oh yeah … played a round of golf yesterday morning with my pal, Hoagy (the guy with triple digit score!) and some of the other Thursday degenerates.  I had such a weird round again … I was even par after 14 holes and then went 10 over for the last four holes!  What the @#%* is going on?!!  I had visions of shooting my career-best score and being hailed as the next Tiger Woods, when all of a sudden the proverbial wheels came off.  No, make that the entire car fell apart!  My swing suddenly disappeared and I started hacking away like a beginner … I couldn’t hit the ball even if my life depended on it!  Oh well, at least I’ll be taking the next two weeks off while we’re on the road … man, I suck!

Gotta go … have a great Easter, my friends!

Aloha, “D”