Homemade cupcakes!

Hey guys,

Found a cool little coffee joint called Poppy’s Coffee & Espresso Bar located right next door to Likelike Drive Inn off Ke’eaumoku Street.  I was invited there by my friend Peter and was immediately impressed by the food and the great personal attention given each customer by the owners and staff.  Everything is baked fresh daily right there in the store too, so be sure to check out their specialty cupcakes – they’re THE BOMB!

Alex told me about another little coffee place located right here in our Manoa neighborhood called Morning Glass.  It’s already developed a reputation among serious coffee lovers for their fresh roasted (on sight) coffees and their ono food offerings.  I haven’t tried it yet, but it’s just around the corner so I’ll have to stop by one of these days …

I’m finally starting to feel a little better today – congestion’s not as bad and so far, no cough.  Hope to be ok by this weekend but gotta be careful not to push myself too soon … a relapse would be terrible, especially with our schedule!  And I especially want to thank all of you for your get-well wishes and remedies … you guys are awesome!  And finally, if there’s any “upside” to being sick, it’s definitely the great soups and natural foods I found at the Down To Earth deli!

Have an awesome day, my friends!

Aloha, “D”