The Weekend With ManoaDNA

Aloha everyone, it is Monday morning here in Hawai’i and I wanted to share a little about the weekend with ManoaDNA.

Hopefully Alex will get to tell the story, but Friday was a raucous night down at Lulus.  Alex, Mark, and Seann were on the scene as “AK & The Sunshine” hosting a fun-filled night of music in Waikiki.  Unfortunately, I had a personal engagement I was attending to, but everyone said it was really fun!  Hopefully Alex gets a great following, even during his solo work.

Saturday night, ManoaDNA was back together at Kani Ka Pila.  It was a rainy night, and one of the few nights “Rainin'” didn’t work.  Of course, our awesome fans stayed and were so supportive of us, even in the rain!

Finally, last night, we had a small performance at the Hawai’i Convention Center for the “Rainbow for Japan Kids.”  Dad’s blog mentions this program a lot, and it is a great event that the gang from Studio Rim coordinates.  Twenty-or-so kids from affected areas in Japan were flown in by JAL Airlines, and taken on cultural tours and excursions to learn about Hawai’i and get a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Last night’s concert was the final event on their trip and featured the kids playing “Sukiyaki” on ukuleles they made at the KoAloha factory earlier in the week.  It was a great event for a great cause, and we were very blessed to be a part of it.  Thank you to all the coordinators, the donators, and fellow musicians who made the night a very memorable one.

Rainbow for Japan Kids Concert Backstage!
Rainbow for Japan Kids Concert Backstage!

So now, a new work week starts, and I am excited to get things moving.  I apologize for the lack of photos from the weekend, it is really difficult for me to remember to take my camera out for some reason.  Behavioral change is badly needed!

Aloha for now, see you later this week!