AK & the Lefties

Good morning, peeps!

Went and watched Alex’s gig last night at Lulu’s where he performed with Mark & Seann.  They call themselves “AK & the Sunshine” or “AK & the Lefties”.  Not sure about the first one, but “AK & the Lefties” fits because Mark & Seann are both left-handed while Alex plays his guitar left-handed but is actually right-handed (don’t ask!).  MDNA will be alternating Fridays with AK & L at Lulu’s so come on down and check out Alex’s new act!

Also played some squash yesterday and managed to keep from messing up my shoulder too much.  There were a couple of shots that made me see stars but other than that, the shoulder held up ok.  I’ve been trying to keep my swing below shoulder level which seems to work well, but every once in a while I have to hit an overhead shot which hurts like a hell!  My squash buddies know this and always try to hit a few lobs and high shots to me … bastards!  It’s still great to be back on the court even though my shoulder prevents me from playing more than a couple of times a week now.  Oh well, there’s always that dreaded Boot Camp class …

My throat seems to be a little better this morning except that I think the cold is now moving up into my sinuses.  I woke up with some nasal congestion so I’ll have to be careful … at least my voice is still intact – so far!  And maybe it’s my imagination, but other than my throat, the rest of my body has actually been feeling much better recently.  I wonder whether the mostly vegan diet that I’ve been on since catching this cold has anything to do with it … hmmm, interesting huh?

Aloha, “D”