Uh, oh … cough, cough

Hmmm … throat’s acting a little weird this morning.  Could be one of two things: either the mock orange hedges are about to bloom or I’m coming down with another cold .. crap!  Doesn’t surprise me, though because people around me have been sick lately.  I’ll try and fend the virus off with vitamin C and stuff and hope for the best …

Stopped off at Chun Wah Kam yesterday to pick up some lunch.  They now have a brand new Waimanu St. location right round the corner from IOLANI.  For those of you who are not familiar with CWK, they’re sort of like a Panda Express where they serve Chinese food cafeteria-style from a wide assortment of dishes.  Kinda like fast-food, Chinese style – very filling and inexpensive.  But the best thing they have is the baked custard-filled bao, or bun (very similar to Filipino pastries).  A friend of mine brought some to a meeting once … they had just come out of the oven and, OMG!  They were heavenly!

Just figured out a new way to groom the puppies.  I used to hate giving them a trim because you had to catch them first, hold them down, grab some fur, cut, and then find a bag or whatever to put the fur in.  Well, now I just stalk them.  I wait til the puppies are lying down or sleeping … then BOOM!  I strike silently and swiftly, snipping off whatever I can before they come to their senses and run off!  Cleanup is easy – just suck up the cuttings with my trusty hand-held Dyson vac.  Much easier and less stressful!  And if you don’t have puppies, try it on the kids!

Aloha, “D”