The Weekend

Slept in late this morning for the first time in a long while … finally got up around 9am.  I’m an early riser (usually up around 5:30 – 6:00am) so I guess I must’ve really been tired!  Anyway, I had to get an early start yesterday (Saturday) because I was playing the morning round of our Club Day tournament.  It was a two-man team format and our group consisted of me, my partner, Wayne, and two other teams consisting of my other fellow Thursday degenerates – Sam, Alton, Buzzy, and Mark.  Our team’s play kinda sucked, but in the end we beat one team and lost to the other and pretty much broke even on the bets.  I couldn’t stick around for the tournament party and banquet since we were performing at the Kani Ka Pila Grille last night.  Speaking of KKPG, it was another beautiful Waikiki evening and the place was filled to capacity with locals and visitors alike.  I thought it might be a little empty because of last week’s hotel restaurant fire, but such was not the case.  The Grille was not affected in any way and it was busy as always …

Ok … now I’m pissed.  I just finished typing a section about Friday at Lulu’s and suddenly everything disappeared from the screen except the above paragraph!  Frick!  I don’t know if this is happening because of the  WordPress software, my Apple laptop, or just my plain ineptness, but it’s REALLY upsetting!  Can’t write anymore … gotta relax and do something else before I really go off the deep end.  Hahaha!  Sorry!



  1. Hope you enjoyed the KC Waffle Dog, I was the one making them at the snack bar.  Did you by chance go to Lunalilo Elementary?  Your name sounds familiar.  I enjoy your groups music.

    Dayton Asato

    • Howzit Dayton!  The ‘dogs were awesome as usual!  I used to go to the old KC Drive Inn by Ala Wai back in the old days … really miss the waffle dogs, ono ono shakes, and mac salad w/ gravy!  And no, I didn’t go to Lunalilo Elementary … sorry!  Thanks for listening to us .. working on a new CD this year so stay tuned!  Aloha!