Wednesday, 3/14

‘Morning, all …

Things are finally drying out up here in the valley now that the sun and tradewinds have returned.  The beauty about all the rain we had last week is that everything is lush and green … even Diamond Head looks like it’s covered with a carpet of green!  Lucky we live Hawai’i, huh?

Had kind of a bummer experience last night at Side Street Inn.  My friends and I decided to get together for some pau hana drinks, and two of them got into a very heated argument about a very sensitive issue (sorry – no details).  They both had very valid points, but this was not the time or place for that kind of debate and I should have put a stop to it right away.  In any case, it really put a damper on the evening and we all ended up leaving early.  There’s nothing like two strong egos going at each other to ruin a party … but the worst part of the night was that Side Street was out of their onolicious crispy roast pork AGAIN!  Mahalo to manager Albert for saving us an order of hoisin chicken, however … that stuff was awesome!

By the way, MDNA would like to go up to the mainland (probably West Coast) later this year to perform.  We’ve always wanted to do stuff on the mainland, but for the last 6 years have been totally focused on Japan representing Hawai’i Tourism.  Any ideas or leads would be most appreciated – you can send suggestions to our website … and mahalo in advance for your help.

And before I forget, I want to send get well wishes out to my good friend, Peter, who’s recovering from a serious bout with diabetes.  Take care, my friend!

I have another early start today … meetings from 8:30am, then a short rehearsal before we head over to the Hyatt Waikiki tonight to perform at the Swim (3rd floor) from 5 to 8pm …

Aloha, “D”