Two blogs in one!

(Sunday)                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Good morning,

It’s 5:30am and still dark outside.  The wind is going nuts outside … haven’t had these kinds of gusts in a long time and sure hope they don’t knock down any more of my palms.  The rain seems to have finally subsided although we did get an occasional sprinkle last night at Kani Ka Pila.  Alex wrote a song, RAINING, which we play every time it starts to rain and amazingly, the rain always stops!  Now, if he could only write a song about the wind!  Hahaha!  KKPG was packed again last night even with the lousy weather.  There were lots of visitors from Japan and Canada in the audience as well as a good number of locals.  Our regular bass player, Mark, couldn’t make it last night so our former bassist, Ron, sat in for him and did a good job.  Wanna thank Al & Sue Landon, Donnie & Susie, my squash buddy Don, Susan (another one?!), Pat, Gregg, Grant, Hailey, Joshua, Etsuko, Yutaka, Mina, Yoko, Brian, Kaori, Masako, Margaret, John, Mayumi, Natsuko, Mary, Doug & Maureen, Sam & Moana, Mark (where was Sheri?) and the many others who came down to join us!  It was another awesome night at the ‘grille!

I also heard from many of our fans as they shared their thoughts and feelings of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami.  Last night, we performed FEEL THE LIGHT as our tribute to all the victims of the disaster, and for a brief second I felt a pause in the KKPG crowd at 7:46pm, the exact time that the quake hit.  It was probably just my imagination, but it did send shivers up my spine!

(Monday)                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Howzit again,

Back-to-back blogs … how tacky, Lloyd!  Whatever … anyway, I decided to combine Sunday and Monday because I suddenly got “writer’s block” and also had to leave for an early morning round of golf.  Alex and Mike came over and we headed out to Pearl CC to join the other DNA Golf Club boys.  The conditions were less than stellar … the winds were howling and there was debris all over the course, but at least the rain had pretty much stopped except for little drizzles here and there.  Still managed to shoot a 38 on the front nine and then totally lost it on the back – shot a 45 and finished with an 83 … not bad for Pearl on a very windy day!  Later that evening Alex, Kea, and I went down to Kani Ka Pila to check out our pal, Brother Noland, who’s performing there on Sundays during March.  It was great to see him, Virgil, Fred, and Paula again since we hadn’t seen them since they graciously helped us out with our DNA Toy Drive at Gordon Biersch during the Christmas holidays.  Great music, guys!

I have an early meeting this morning so I need to start getting ready … have a wonderful Monday and an even greater week, my friends!

Aloha, “D”