March 11th

Aloha, friends …

Today is the anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake & Tsunami (it’s already March 11th in Japan).  I can’t believe a year has already passed since that terrible disaster hit the northeast coast of Japan … the memories of what I saw and experienced during the 2011 aftermath are still quite vivid and emotional for me.  However, the strength and class displayed by the Japanese people during this crisis was truly inspiring and humbling to witness.  There were many instances when I found my spirits being uplifted by the very people who we were supposed to be helping!  There is no doubt that this same resolve will enable Japan to rebuild itself quickly over the coming years.  I am also extremely proud of the way our Hawai’i community and others rallied to send aid and support to Japan to help in the recovery effort … way to go, guys!

To all of our friends in the Tohoku area:  Please rest assured that we have not forgotten you – Hawai’i continues to stand with you!  “Ganbarou, Nihon!”

Much aloha, “D”

Aloha, “D”