Rain’s back … again!

Happy Aloha Friday, everyone!

This has been one super wet & windy week … and apparently it ain’t over yet!  Another storm front is expected to hit us today or tomorrow so better keep your umbrellas ready, folks!  I had planned to unload some stuff from my car this morning since it looked like the rain had finally stopped, but decided to enjoy a cup of coffee first.  Naturally, as soon as I sit down it starts pouring again and I can hear thunder off in the distance.  Here we go again … and I still have to take the puppies for their walk!

Remember I told you guys about how our old basketball post got blown over by strong winds the other day?  Well, as I was driving to IOLANI yesterday, Carla called to tell me that one of our large foxtail palm trees (also in our backyard) had just fallen over because of the wind!  This sucker was no small plant either … it was about 15-20 ft. tall and pretty thick!  We’ve had strong winds before but I’ve never seen stuff get tossed like this.  Maybe Mother Nature has taken it upon herself to re-landscape my backyard … sure hope she doesn’t plan on home renovation too!  (nervous hahaha!)

A bit of MDNA news … we’ve been invited by Hawaiian Airlines to participate in their inaugural flight to Fukuoka, Japan next month.  This is going to be really exciting for me since Fukuoka is where my paternal grandparents emigrated from.  We’ll be performing at a couple of media events there, but due to scheduling conflicts will be returning to Hawai’i immediately following those events.  We’re planning to be back up there at the end of May and hope to have the opportunity to perform in other cities during that time.  So please stay tuned …

Aloha, “D”