Say it ain’t so!

Well, I think it may finally be time to take down my beloved avocado tree.  It was here when we first moved in back when the boys were toddlers.  Over the years it’s given us some of the best avocado fruit around, but lately has been ravaged by ants and termites so much that the trunk is completely hollow down the middle … I’m afraid it could fall one day soon!  But before I take it down I’m going to take some grafts from it so we can preserve this grand old tree’s lineage for future generations.  I think my mom’s going to miss it the most since she and her friends at Arcadia go crazy over the fruit – in fact, I think that’s one of the year’s highlights for them!  Speaking of my mom, she’ll be turning 90 in April … wow, what a milestone!  Although she’s still in pretty good shape, she doesn’t drive anymore so Linda has “volunteered” to be her driver.  Sort of like the movie “Driving Miss Daisy” except that Linda’s a haole and her name’s not “Hoke”!  (We sometimes call it “Driving Miss Kwazy” – inside joke!) ….

Our friends from Japan, the Kases, are in town for their daughter Shiho’s wedding reception (another one?!).  If you recall, last month our other very good friends, the Taguchis, also were here for their daughter Minori’s wedding!  I’m really happy for the two families because they’re such wonderful & caring people and are part of our growing ohana in Japan.  They’re also both from the Yokohama area which, by the way, just got a ton of snow dumped on them earlier this week!  That’s pretty nuts because from what I hear, it hardly snows there.

And it’s Thursday which means a round of golf this afternoon with my fellow degenerates … yay!  Can’t join the guys for drinks afterward, though, because as soon as I’m pau with golf I have to shower and head next door to the Kahala Hotel where ManoaDNA will be performing for a private corporate event.  Couldn’t have asked for a more convenient location, huh?

Have a great Thursday, friends!

Aloha, “D”