I’m sore … again!

Happy morning, people!

Looks like I spoke too soon … I was feeling a little cocky because I felt no pain after my Boot Camp class on Tuesday.  WRONG!!  By the time we were done with our Hyatt performance last night (Wed.), I could hardly walk!  The muscles in my thighs, shoulders, and arms were sore & stiff and it hurt just to get out of my car … you can imagine the agony I went through when nature “called” this morning, if you know what I mean!  Hahaha!  Ouch!

After we were done last night, we all went to Tsukuneya to have a bite to eat and unwind.  Our friend Gregg also joined us, having just flown in from Hilo.  Of course, I ordered my favorite spicy shoyu ramen … mmmmm, good!  I guess I kinda got spoiled by the great ramen we’ve eaten on our many trips to Japan, but their ramen is right up there.  The dashi, or soup is the key ingredient in my opinion, and Tsukuneya has a good one with little bits of red chili floating around in it just waiting to ambush the unsuspecting palate!  It’s so good, though, especially on a cold and rainy night … and of course, the meal wouldn’t be complete without a little shochu to settle everything down.  Shochu is a Japanese liquor that’s similar to vodka but with 1/2 the alchohol and 1/4 the calories.  A great way to end a meal …

And since it’s Thursday, I’m golfing this afternoon with the degenerates.  Sure hope my sore muscles loosen up by then or it’s going to get ugly … and if it gets real ugly, you’ll hear about it tomorrow morning!  Someone said that they could tell what mood I was in from reading my blog … is this true?  Actually, you guys are lucky I don’t write everything that pops into my head or else I might REALLY scare you!  Mwahahahaaaaa!!

Grrrrrr … “D”