Duhhh.. you want fries with that?

Aloha, peeps!

I was once again rudely reminded why some people should stick to pumping gas or frying burgers.  I called this Waikiki hotel yesterday to see if my relatives had checked in and had this conversation with their front desk:

Me:  I’d like to know if the —- party has checked in yet.

Him:  I’m sorry we have no one here by that name.

Me:  Ok … well, could you please check to see if they’re scheduled to check in today?

Him:  (sarcastically) We have a LOT of people checking in today.

What the .. ?!  That’s not what I asked you, you moron!  Can you imagine if I were a visitor and got that kind of attitude?  We go through great expense and effort each year trying to promote the aloha spirit, and guys like this negate it all in one fell swoop!   By the way, this local hotel is barely a 3-star joint which doesn’t surprise me with idiots like that working there!

We did finally hook up with my relatives later that afternoon.  They brought a lot of omiyage (gifts) – various food stuffs along with three big bags of Hiroshima rice!  Alex and Nick are going to go crazy because they LOVE the rice!  Whenever we were on tour in Japan, Tadao would always send us a bag of it because he knew it was the boys’ favorite.  Problem was, it weighed a ton and we’d end up hauling it around in Alex’s rolling guitar travel case so we wouldn’t get a hernia!  After that we always brought along an extra rolling suitcase just for the rice!  Hahaha!

By the way, check out ManoaDNA’s video performances on Hi Sessions.com Acoustic Live! on YouTube.  In my opinion, it’s the closest we’ve come to capturing our musical energy on a recording.  I like it and I hope you will too …

Played a little squash yesterday during lunch … and yup, there’s something definitely wrong with my shoulder because it hurt like hell.  Damn!

Aloha, “D”