Wonderful evening!

Aloha, friends!

Hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day!  After a crazy day of meetings, photo shoots, and more meetings, Carla and I were invited to dinner by the Miyaos who were also celebrating their anniversary too.  We had a wonderful dinner at Alan Wong’s – a bevy of appetizers, scallop risotto, ginger crusted onaga (snapper), medallions of beef tenderloin, and the most flavorful cheesecake dessert!  It consisted of two small cubes of strawberry cheesecake topped with goat cheese mochi and surrounded by marinated strawberries, pickled watermelon, and caramelized sugar – and it was amazing!   What a perfect way to end a special evening with great friends!  Mahalo, Wayne & Susie!

I saw the weirdest thing yesterday afternoon … I was driving up Piikoi St. when all of a sudden it started pouring – and I mean, POURING!  My windshield wipers couldn’t move fast enough and I was having trouble seeing the road!  This continued as I started to go up the hill past Punahou, then all of a sudden the rain just stopped.  I looked around and the streets were bone dry – it looked like it hadn’t rained one drop!   Very strange indeed …

Our relatives from Hiroshima are arriving today for a brief visit through the weekend.  We’re really looking forward to seeing them again and I know my mom is especially excited to see them!  They wanted to come and visit her since traveling to Japan is a little too difficult for Mom these days.

Aloha, “D”