Listen to ManoaDNA on Hi*Sessions

For those that follow my personal Twitter account, may know that I work on a project called, “Hi*Sessions” with Jon Yamasato, Dave Kusumoto, Vance Morimoto, Raf Bacani, & Jonas Moan.  Once a month, we gather at Dave’s house and invite two artists in to shoot high-definition acoustic music videos.  From international artists like James Hill & Fulare Pad, to local legends like Ernie Cruz & Nathan Aweau, we have shot all kinds of music and recorded really awesome episodes.

Anyway, last December, I finally broke down and invited Dad, Alex, Seann, and Mark to do an episode featuring ManoaDNA.  It was a very strange feeling being in front of the camera for this project, but we are all very proud of the result.

As tradition, videos are released in order.  So, as they come out on the channel, I will post them on our Facebook and Twitter accounts.  Enjoy the episode!