Wedding bells!

Aloha, everybody!

It’s Saturday morning and our friend, Minori, is getting married today!  I’m so happy for her and her family … they are such wonderful, caring people and are like family to us in Japan.  We have to pick up my mom & sister to go over to the church for the wedding ceremony this morning, and then we’re all heading over to the Halekulani for the lunch reception.  Later in the evening, they’ll be joining us at Kani Ka Pila to continue the celebration!

Last night at Lulu’s, I was amazed to see so many people who were actually there to listen to us!  Lulu’s is a very casual “beach” bar filled with people eating, drinking, and talking very loudly – not the ideal setting if you want to listen to live music.  Last night, however, there were a lot of people who were there to hear us – locals and visitors alike!  It was great to see our good friends Grant & Rae who we haven’t seen in a while, and also many of our Japanese fans including our pal Miyuki from Kobe!  There was also a group of three which called themselves the Lobsters because they were so sunburned, they looked like the cooked crustaceans!  One was from the mainland, and the other two from Indonesia and New Zealand … really nice people!

I want to thank my buddy Rob for the wonderful gift basket which he sent us.  He lost our Super Bowl bet (took the Patriots) and owed me a bottle of wine … well, lo and behold, I received this huge Mel & Rose gift box filled with enough wine and food to open my own grocery store!  Mahalo, buddy, for your great generosity … I’ll save the wine for when you come to visit us – which is soon, I hope!

Aloha, “D”