Still freezing!

Aloha, peeps!

The cold weather continues to hang around … this morning was probably the coldest so far!  The trade winds seem to have returned, however, so hopefully it’ll start to warm up today.  It was freezing last night at the Hyatt Waikiki’s Swim poolside where we performed.  There were very few people out by the pool area – most were in the enclosed lounge area – and almost no one was swimming (ya think?!).  I knew it was cold when a couple from Minnesota came to see us all bundled up in sweatshirts and jeans … pretty ironic, huh?  After we were  done we headed over to Tsukuneya for a bite to eat … Mark and I ordered bowls of our favorite spicy shoyu ramen.  Boy, talk about the ideal dish for a cold night!  The steaming hot noodle soup with bits of red chili really hit the spot!

Lately, I’ve been testing some new fabrics for IOLANI’s men’s line and I have to say they are pretty awesome!  I wonder, though, who picks the sample colors because some of them really suck!  But once made up into shirt samples they don’t look so bad, although I personally wouldn’t select any of those colors if I saw them on a store rack.  Coloring aside, the fabrics themselves are gonna be great and I know you guys’ll love ’em!  Stay tuned for more developments …

Got golf today since it’s Thursday … thank goodness the rain has stopped, but it looks like the wind is gonna make things interesting.  I had a couple of gift certificates from the Roger Dunn Golf Shop so I used them to purchase a new TaylorMade RBZ driver … didn’t like it though, so I’m returning it today and trying something else.  Damn thing hit the ball so high that I had to check it for ice every time it came down!  Haha!

Aloha, “D”