Aloha, everybody!

It’s Tuesday morning and another beautiful day in paradise!  Not much happening this week except work, work, and more work … pretty boring, huh?  Yesterday was pretty quiet – just lots of meetings and no workout.  Gotta restart my workout regimen again even though I still can’t play squash … it’s been over 8 months since I last played and my shoulder is still not 100%.  Although I’ve been lifting some weights and trying to keep up with my cardio workouts, I have to become more consistent.  Like that Nike slogan says … “Just Do It.”

I stopped in at Side Street last night to have a beer with my friend Cal and as always, we ordered the crispy skin pork as a pupu.  This stuff is so delicious but definitely at the very bottom of the health food list.  And to make matters worse, we ask them to deep fry it too!  Served with a dip of soy sauce and mustard, this stuff is THE BOMB!!  After we were done, I dropped by Tsukuneya to meet up with the boys and ended up ordering a bowl of their spicy shoyu ramen – and spicy it was!  I knew I was in trouble when the waiter brought the dish and I saw all these tiny slices of red chili peppers floating around in the soup!  It was really good though, and a great way to end the evening …

Aloha, “Pops”