Lulu’s … the aftermath

‘Morning, all!

Last night was our first time back at Lulu’s in 2012 and it turned into quite an ordeal.  First of all, some of our fans told us that when they called Lulu’s yesterday, someone there said that we weren’t performing that night … what the?!!  Come to think of it though, it may have been better if we didn’t play because  it was Pro Bowl night at Sunset on the Beach right across the street from Lulu’s!  I always dread performing on nights when Sunset on the Beach is happening because the event’s sound system is deafening.  It’s totally distracting for anyone around the area and we always end up straining ourselves trying to be heard above all the noise.  Last night was no different .. except that it was extra loud and irritating.  The worst was when the Pro Bowl cheerleaders took to the stage … I mean, they must’ve cranked the sound up a few decibels because it was BLASTING!!  Then to pile on more misery, they had this lady emcee who had a voice which sounded like fingernails scraping down a chalkboard .. SCREEEEEECH!!!  Pretty awful ….

It’s now Saturday morning (ahhh, quiet) and I’m having a cup of DD coffee before the boys come over.  We’re going down to the Perry & Price show in a little while to do a promo for the Punahou Carnival next week … we always do this every year to help out.  This evening we return to Kani Ka Pila Grille where we’ll actually be able to hear ourselves!  Hahaha!

Aloha, “Pops”

p.s. – Note to Nick:  Do not schedule Lulu’s on any Sunset on the Beach nights … I need to keep what little hearing I have left!