Hyatt debut …

Aloha, friends!

ManoaDNA returned to the stage last night at the Hyatt Waikiki poolside, and as expected, we showed some of the rust from our long holiday layoff.   Although we stumbled a bit in the beginning, we eventually got our act together and the trademark MDNA sound was back!  It was great to be back performing with the boys again … I even didn’t mind waking up this morning with the usual soreness and fatigue in my left hand!  We’ve got a full weekend coming up – Lulu’s on Friday, Perry & Price Show (Punahou Carnival promo) and KKPG on Saturday, so 2012 is off to a busy start!

If the last few days are any indication of what 2012 is going to be like, then we’d better be prepared for some real highs and some real lows!  Yesterday, I had to have a plumber come and check out a really bad smell that was coming from under our house – I had initially thought that it was a dead rat or something.  It turns out that when we did some minor repairs to our house a few years ago, some of the plumbing was done incorrectly … long story short, we had a sewage leak and that was what the smell was!  Gross!  In any case, the problem was immediately fixed (thanks, CNP Plumbing!) and although it’ll take a little while for the smell to go completely away, it’s already barely noticeable.

Oh yeah, and the vog is back … damn!  Every time the winds turn southerly, we get vog from the Big Island.  It’s supposed to last through this weekend and has already started affecting our vocal chords.  Plus, everything looks hazy … kinda like L.A. back in the old days.  Sure hope it goes away soon!

Aloha, “Pops”