The music is back!

Wassup, everybody!

I’m excited!  Tonight is ManoaDNA’s first performance of 2012 after a month 1/2 layoff and I can already feel the buzz starting again.  We’ll be at the Hyatt Waikiki poolside from 5 to 8pm, and it’ll be interesting to hear what we sound like after such a long break.  I expect us to be a little rusty right out the gate but things should settle in after a few songs … I hope!  lol!

Rehearsal last night was relaxed and fun … we started working on some new music but really spent most of the time getting “reacquainted” with each other and our instruments.  Alex has been working on a lot of new material during the break, so we’ll be adding some of them to our repertoire in the next few weeks.  It was great to hear the warm vocal harmonies again along with Mark’s solid bass lines … it was almost like hearing it for the first time!  I’m so glad we took the break because it allowed me to recharge my senses and get rid of the staleness which every musician experiences from time to time.  And once you get into that cycle, it’s very hard to be creative and energetic even if the desire is there.  The only downside to taking time off is the physical conditioning that is lost (vocally & instrumentally), but which can be regained in time.  My immediate concern is my left hand since the fingers have probably lost some strength and the fingertip calluses need to be built up again.  But hey – no pain no gain, right?

And so we’re back … let the good times roll!

Aloha, “Pops”