Happy Chinese New Year!!


I know I’m late, but better late than never!  It’s the Year of the Dragon and depending on who you talk to, it could mean lots of volatility, uncertainty, or even prosperity for you.  The first thing I plan to do (actually already started) is to “clean house” and get rid of any negative or obsolete things in my life in order to make room for new ideas & opportunities.  I have to admit feeling a little anxious about this Dragon Year because there seems to be two very opposite predictions on what’s in store for us.  One says that it will be another very difficult & volatile year both for business and mankind, while the other side says that the year will be filled with unusually good luck and prosperity for many.   In any case, it appears that the soothsayers have all the bases covered …

We’re already off to a fast start so far.  Yesterday was an exceptionally busy one for both ManoaDNA and IOLANI … lots of customer sales, phone calls, emails, and texts throughout the day.  This morning has been busy too, with lots of emails & texts flying back and forth… and we haven’t even left the house yet!  This better not be an “early ripe – early rot” scenario where things start off gangbusters and then fizzle out at the end .. EH, LLOYD – WASSAMATTA YOU?!  NO NEGATIVE VIBES!!  Oh yeah .. I forgot!

The boys & I resume our weekly rehearsals today and MDNA is back on stage starting with the Hyatt Waikiki tomorrow from 5 – 8pm.  Here we go again … IT’S SHOWTIME!!!!

Aloha, “Pops”