Last weekend of freedom!

Aloha, everyone!

That’s right … this is my last weekend to cruise because next week ManoaDNA is back on stage!  This has been our longest layoff since the group started, and it’s great to feel the same energy and passion that I felt when MDNA first stepped on stage back in ’05.  Taking the last month and a half off was totally worth it because the boys & I were completely burned out.  2011 was a very tough year for us both physically and emotionally, especially with the March 11th disaster in Japan.  We’ll continue our efforts in 2012 to help in any way that we can, and hope that the situation continues to stabilize and improve.

Yesterday was pretty much back to normal (ie, boring) … after a long morning meeting, I headed over to the Hyatt Waikiki to join DJs Pele Reiko and Hiroko at Studio Rim for a short interview, then headed back to IOLANI before ending the day with a tough workout at the Honolulu Club.  I had just picked up a couple of Farmer’s Salads at Side Street for dinner and as I was driving home, this idiot comes flying off the freeway and suddenly cuts in front of me on the Punahou off-ramp.  Slamming on my breaks to avoid hitting this moron, the salads go flying off the seat and end up all over the floor mat!  Frick!

By the way, did I tell you that I finally got a new set of golf irons??  I recieved a gift certificate for Christmas and decided to use it for a new set of Adams Idea a12 OS hybrid irons.  I’d been playing with the original Big Bertha irons for over 20 years so it was time for a change.  The difference between the two sets is like night and day – the ease and accuracy of my new Adams irons are amazing!  In fact, I have to adjust my club selection now because these clubs hit longer with less effort!  And now I hear that the new Adams fairway woods that are coming out at the end of this month!  I know .. for you non-golfers … BORING!!!

Aloha, “D”