All that hype for nothing ….

A wonderful Tuesday morning to you all!

Boy, was last night’s college BCS championship game junk!  It was totally one-sided as #2 Alabama humiliated #1 ranked LSU 21-0 …  Alabama’s defense was so dominating that LSU’s offense couldn’t move the ball past the 50-yard line until midway through the 4th quarter!  It was a great victory for the soon-to-be #1-ranked Crimson Tide and an awful ending to an otherwise great season for LSU.  But worst of all, this was the final college football game of season … WAAAAH!!!  All that remains now are the NFL playoffs and then it’s over – no more football till next fall!  Damn …

Have you guys ever been to Panya in the Ala Moana Shopping Center?  It’s located across the parking lot next to Long’s on the mall level and is a great place for breakfast.  I’ve gone there many times for early morning meetings since it’s close to IOLANI and the food & service are always very good.  And since they’re primarily a bakery, the pastries are to die for!

The boys & I will be traveling to Vegas and San Francisco with some friends for our final week of R&R before we begin ManoaDNA’s 2012 season.  We’re especially looking forward to meeting up with our SF “ohana” (I’d really love to see their rendition of the “Nijiwo” hula again – especially Bret and Paul!  hahaha!).  I hope I have a different SF experience than the one I had “back in the day” when we partied so hard the first night that the ensuing hangover kept me in my hotel room for the next two days!  The only sites of San Francisco that I saw on that trip was on the ride in from the airport and on the ride back out.  Luckily, I’m older and wiser now … well, at least older.  We also tried to get tickets to the 49er’s playoff game with New Orleans on Saturday, but at $250 a ticket (cheapest!) I’d rather spend the day in Napa!

Aloha, “D”