NFL playoffs!

Hey guys,

For all you football fans out there, this weekend is the start of the NFL playoffs with two wild-card games slated for today and two tomorrow.  But the one I’m really waiting for is on Monday – it’s the college BCS national championship game between #1 ranked LSU and #2 ranked Alabama!  When the two teams met earlier in the season, LSU squeaked out an exciting 9-3 overtime victory but I think this time around it’ll be different, at least score-wise.  We all plan to go down to the original Side Street Inn to watch the game, so see you all there!

Speaking of Side Street, I stopped in to pick up some take-out and the place was absolutely packed!  I mean there were people in the aisles and a big crowd outside all waiting for tables … unbelievable!  I grabbed my fried rice, farmer’s salad, pork chops, and grilled steak, and got out of there … after having a quick draft, of course! 🙂

I can tell I’m starting to get the urge to play again … I actually picked up my guitar for the first time in several weeks!  Taking this break has done wonders for my health and spirit … I never realized how tired and burned out I was.  By the time February rolls around I’ll be back to full speed … so watch out, 2012 … the ManoaDNA train is gettin’ ready to roll!!!

Aloha, “D”