The Eve of 2012

Happy new year to our friends in Japan and to the rest of the world who entered 2012 already! Here in Hawaii we are getting ready to party tonight to celebrate a great year and to welcome this new exciting year. I have a couple of good new years resolutions that I hope to keep up for the whole year, but they usually die out within the first month so I tried to make them easy haha!

One of my resolutions is to get my recording studio up and running with professional quality equipment and software. I already started this resolution this month and am looking forward to expanding more. We’ll see how it goes but I’m hoping to be up and running within the first 3 month. Pretty bold goal huh??

My other resolution is to exercise 4 times a week. That means doing anything that gets my body moving and grooving – so I could do one day of p90x, one day of running, one day of playing basketball, and one day of paddle boarding. Whatever it is I need to get my blood flowing more often these days to keep in shape. That also means I should eat better food and drink a little less. Phew this is going to be a hard year!!

Last night I played at Lulus without the DNA boys. Playing 3 hours with only my voice and guitar pushing the train is really tiring! Good thing I had our good friend Seann Carroll backing me up on percussion or else I might have passed out! We had a special guest come to jam so music too last night. My cousin Pono Nu’uhiwa came and played a couple songs which was pretty awesome. He was even able to stick in some Bieber into the medley he played. I think he has the fever…

Hope all of you have a wonderful New Year! See you in 2012 and best of luck to you in this new year.


Pono sitting in
I'm all alone!! Haha!