Final “Aloha Friday” for 2011!

Good morning, my friends!

2012 will be upon us in a couple of days, so I hope you all have your New Year’s resolutions ready to go!  My first resolution is to learn to use Twitter, and the second is to write an original song … everything after that is the usual b.s. (like clean my desk, do yoga, get a colonoscopy (ugh!), clean the garage, etc.).  I think I’ll also try to be a nicer person instead of being such a grouch … NOT!

We had our final Thursday golf outing for 2011 yesterday and I ended up shooting a pretty good score of 81!  After that we all gathered at the 19th hole to toast our fellow “degenerates” Gary (passed away earlier this year) and Les (recovering from back surgery) before proceeding to consume copious amounts of sake, wine, beer, and the evil white gas (vodka).  Things were still going strong when I left a few hours later and since I didn’t see anyone’s name in this morning’s newspaper police section, I’m assuming everyone made it home safely.  I don’t think they’re feeling too good this morning, though …

We’re all headed down to Lulu’s tonight to watch Alex perform with Mark & Seann.  He’s quickly developing into a great solo performer and I truly believe he has an awesome future ahead of him!

Have a great & safe New Year’s weekend, everyone!

Aloha, “D”