Thursday, 12/29

Aloha, peeps!

We still have 3 more days to go but I’m already getting excited about 2012!  I have to confess that I’m a little afraid of what lies ahead because ever since 2008, the global economic & social crisis seems to gradually be getting worse.  But regardless of what 2012 brings, we all need to remain positive and focused because good times are coming … I can feel it!

I had my car serviced yesterday and had breakfast at Town on Waialae Ave. while I waited.  I used to go to Zippy’s but decided to try Town instead and I was not disappointed!  I had their frittata, a baked omelette filled with veggies and covered with fresh ‘nalo greens tossed in a light vinaigrette dressing.  It was absolutely fabulous!  It reminded me of my favorite pizza insalata dish that I always order at Ryan’s in the Ward Centre.  I must add Town to my “favorites” list .. and not only when my car needs servicing!

Our world keeps getting crazier by the minute … apparently some woman stole a Christmas wreath out of an elevator in the Prudential building and was caught on the security cameras.  The video shows her and a companion getting on the elevator and as they’re exiting, she turns around, lifts the wreath off the wall, hooks it onto her shoulder and walks out.  This video ended up being posted on several internet sites and has already had some 20,000 hits.  Now here’s the disturbing part – there are people who are actually trying to justify this blatant act of stealing by saying that perhaps the person really needed the wreath, or maybe didn’t realize that it belonged to someone, or that Prudential was rich and could easily replace it!  Are you serious?!  This person stole someone else’s property and these morons are trying to justify why it was ok?!  What is wrong with this picture, folks??  Let’s see how these liberal idiots feel the next time someone breaks into their house and steals their pakalolo and Birkenstocks .. bet they won’t feel so “liberal” then!

Ok, that’s my ranting for the day … boy, it doesn’t take much to set me off, huh?  That’s what happens when you consume too much strong coffee!  Hahaha!

Aloha, “D”