Final Tuesday in December!

Aloha, peeps!

Ok, I’m feeling much better this morning.  Two of my New Year’s resolutions will be to find new software to do my blogs and to learn how to use Twitter!  I know a lot of you are trying to follow me on Twitter and I apologize for not using it yet … but I will this year, I promise!  And because I’m not a good writer you’ll have to excuse me if I sometimes sound like an idiot.  It’s like I have these great thoughts in my head that somehow turn into mindless babble when I open my mouth or start writing – sort of like using the Google translation app for my foreign language emails – a major, major train wreck!  I guess that’s why God made me a guitar player instead … hahaha!

As I started to tell you guys yesterday before I was so rudely interrupted, our Christmas Day was a nice, quiet affair … family came over in the morning for our traditional brunch, then we opened gifts, and then we all crashed for the rest of the day!  One thing I always find amusing is that I can always tell where my boys are in their lives by the kind of gifts they receive … ie, toys & games in the early years, then computer stuff, then music equipment, and now it’s coffee makers & household items!  Some things never change ….

Today is our Thursday group’s 3rd annual father/son golf outing and the Kawakami boys are looking to make it 3 wins in a row!  Even though each year’s tournament uses a different format, we’ve somehow managed to come out on top each time … much to the chagrin of the other players!  The day is really about our kids, though, and we try to make it a fun outing for all of them.  I’m really glad that Gary’s son, Kevin, and Buggy’s son, Scott, will be joining our group today … their papas would be proud!  Stay tuned for the results tomorrow …

Aloha, “D”