Christmas Weekend


It’s almost here .. Christmas is in two days and I’m finally starting to relax a bit and get into the holiday mood.  It’s been really tough getting into the holiday spirit this year … probably due to exhaustion, a stubborn cold virus, and a grueling schedule.  Now that ManoaDNA is on “vacation”and I don’t have to worry about performances or appearances for a while, I want to just lay low and let my body and spirit heal and re-energize.

I joined my Thursday group yesterday for our weekly golf outing and shot an 84 – not too bad.  I was really worried before we started because I was shanking every iron shot on the driving range – a bad sign!  So instead, I avoided hitting my irons as much as possible during the round and was able to stay out of trouble, although I got some weird looks when I’d use a hybrid club for a 120 yard pitch shot!  The wind was also blowing pretty hard which just added to the drama, but at least it wasn’t raining any more.  Afterward, we all gathered at the “19th hole” to settle bets, harass the losers, and toast the holidays (many, many times!) before heading home.  I stopped off at Rainbow Drive Inn to pick up some boneless chicken, chili, and some hash ‘n eggs … yes, hash ‘n eggs!  Hey, sometimes you have to expand your culinary horizons, folks!  Burp!

It looks like it’s going to be another super windy day, but at least the sun’s out!  Have a great Aloha Friday, everyone, and be safe!

Aloha, “D”