Windy Wednesday & Thursday!

Aloha, friends!

So what’s with all this wind & rain?!  I really love winter weather but this stuff has been going on a bit too long and the forecast is for more wind & rain through the end of the week!   And that means my Thursday golf group will be battling the elements today, ie. high scores and lots of cursing!  I really don’t mind rain or wind as long as it’s not both at the same time … which, unfortunately, is not the case today!  Plus, I’m sure the course is probably soaked so the golf carts will have to stay on the cart paths.  Oh well, I may end up walking and pulling a bag cart instead … at least I’ll get some exercise while I’m out there.

We had dinner at a friend’s house last night and the entire meal was cooked on a real Benihana teppanyaki grill!  Our friend Amy had gotten one of the grill’s from Rocky Aoki, the founder of Benihana, and had it installed in her house.  It was like eating at the restaurant itself!  Nick was our “chef” although he didn’t flip the knives and food around like the real chefs (which was probably a good thing since someone would have probably ended up in the ER!).  The food was amazing though – steak, lobster, king crab, oio & crab fishcake, and all the side dishes – all cooked teppanyaki style!  Thanks to Amy and Andie for hosting a great dinner experience, and to Nick for not injuring anyone!  hahaha!

Have a great windy day, everyone!

Aloha, “D”