Up early .. again!

I know, I know … I said yesterday that we were done performing for the year, but we actually have one more project (video shoot) to do before we can finally put our instruments down.  So here I am, up early with my cup of hot java and getting ready to head out to a studio in Kaimuki.  This could be a good thing because I might drop my car off at the gas station near the studio to get its long-overdue maintenance.  I actually had an appointment for tomorrow, but I’ll see if they can take my car today since we’ll be in the area all morning.  The rest of this week will be a cruise except for a couple of meetings and stuff … and then it’s the Christmas weekend!  Wow, this year has gone by so quickly that it’s almost like a dream …

The boys held their annual Christmas Dessert competition last night at our house.  I mistakenly called it a cupcake contest in yesterday’s blog, but it’s actually a dessert contest with different themes each year.  Last night’s theme was soda so all desserts included it as a key ingredient.  The winner was Chief’s “Orange Creamsicle” cake and it was DEEELICIOUSSS!!!   It tasted exactly like those vanilla ice cream/orange sherbet popsicles that I loved as a kid except in a cake form.  Actually, all the entries were awesome … mini root beer floats, vanilla ice with strawberry soda topping, Alex’s cream soda mousse, Nick’s “dog poo” (don’t ask), and others too delicious to remember.  Congratulations to all the contestants … I can’t wait to see what next year’s competition will bring!

I also want to apologize to all of our fans who were expecting to see ManoaDNA perform during the next several weeks.  We really need to take this time off but I promise we’ll return stronger than ever in 2012 … and maybe with a few surprises!

Aloha, “D”