We’re done!!

Howzit, everybody!

We made it!  We finally completed our last performance for 2011 last night and can now start winding down.  Actually, we’re not quite done yet because we still have a video shoot to do tomorrow morning before we’re done for the year.  I’m also hoping that my guitar strings make it through tomorrow’s shoot so I can start 2012 with a completely new set.  Of course, we won’t be completely idle since we’ll be using some of the downtime to work on new material and plans for 2012, but in any case I plan to REALLY enjoy this well-deserved vacation!

After finishing our gig last night, we immediately headed over to our friend’s house for their annual Christmas party.  We always try to make it to Buggy & Sandy’s party every year because it’s a wonderful gathering of friends and family and the food is to die for!  We got there a little late last night, but the party was still going strong and we were able to feast on some of Alan Wong’s awesome food and enjoy some Duckhorn merlot before entertaining the guests with a short performance.  We performed “Hotel California” as a tribute to our dear friend, Gary Kondo, who passed away earlier this year after a tough battle with cancer … our buddy, Sam, even got up to sing “Pua Lilia” and “Jungle Rain”, another of Gary’s favorites.  I want to thank Buggy & Sandy for their kind hospitality and to also wish Sandy a very “Happy Birthday!”

And so today is another Do Nothing Sunday for me (eat, sleep, and watch NFL football), although later this afternoon the boys & their friends are having their annual Christmas Cupcake Contest here at our house.  This is pretty serious stuff … even Linda & Carla are going to submit an entry … yikes!  I’ll have a picture of the winner in my blog tomorrow so stay tuned!

Aloha, “D”