Dragons & Hawks ….

Wassup, everybody!!

No, I’m not talking about a new video game – I’m talking about the Chunichi Dragons and the Softbank Hawks, two of the top professional baseball teams from Japan.  They’re here in Hawai’i for a little R&R after battling each other in Japan’s version of the World Series in which the Hawks defeated the Dragons in the final game of the best of seven series.  By the way, I mistakenly listed the Hawks as the Daiei Hawks in my blog yesterday – they actually switched sponsors several years ago and are now the Softbank Hawks.  My apologies for the oversight ….

The Hawks’ TV production crew came to IOLANI on Kona Street yesterday to tape a segment for their upcoming show in which IOLANI was showcased as the place they loved to shop for aloha shirts!  Awesome!!  The champion Hawks are from Fukuoka, which is the area where my grandpa & grandma (father’s side) emigrated from … in fact, the boys & I visited the Hawks’ stadium the last time we were in Fukuoka to perform.  Anyway, I had to leave yesterday’s shoot early because ManoaDNA was performing at a reception … and guess who it was for?   Yup, you guessed it – the Chunichi Dragons who the Hawks just defeated in the Japan World Series!!  When I told that to the Hawks group, they all burst out laughing and thought it was hilarious that I was working with both teams on the same day!  We all had a good laugh on that one …

The Dragons reception at the Hilton Hawaiian Village was a fun evening as the players, coaches, and their families and friends all gathered to enjoy some great food & drink along with entertainment by ManoaDNA and Bruce Shimabukuro.  We always enjoy sharing the stage with both Bruce and brother, Jake … they’re such great guys and awesome performers!  The highlight of the evening was at the end of the reception when we got to take a picture with the legendary kantoku (manager) Hiromitsu Ochiai, former star player and Dragons manager.  Our friends Mimi and Emi said that he was more famous than Ichiro Suzuki in Japan … now THAT’S pretty impressive!  I want to say mahalo to the Emi and the Dragons for allowing us to be a part of their special evening!                                                   Aloha, “D”