Here we go again …

Insanity rules!!  I can’t believe it – on Monday, this weekend looked pretty nice and mellow … and now, it’s nuts!  And today’s another early start for me – I’m having coffee this morning with my good friend, Misa, then hit the road for a series of meetings and errands before finally ending the day with a MDNA performance at the Honolulu Club’s Christmas party.  Tomorrow’s schedule is just as crazy … have to catch an early morning flight to Kaua’i to attend my uncle’s funeral in Eleele before flying back to go and meet the boys at Gordon Biersch to get ready for our big “Boys & Their Toys” toy drive at 5:30pm!  Now I know why I can’t get rid of this damn cold!!!  (cough, cough)

I’m starting to like my new Apple 4S iPhone … especially the feature called “Siri” which is the voice command feature that does everything for you – sets appointments, gives reminders, makes calls, and even scolds you!  That’s right – my friend Naomi, who also has a new 4S, tried swearing at it and it replied “Please don’t swear, Naomi”!  hahaha!  (Actually, it’s kinda scary!)  I’m sure I’m going to learn a lot more as I get used to it, but so far it’s been behaving nicely.

We went to Paesano’s in Manoa last night after rehearsal and the food was great as always!  I want to thank Lucy for taking such good care of us and treating us like royalty!  She’s a real sweetheart so be sure to ask for her the next time you’re there for dinner … and tell her ManoaDNA sent ya!

Aloha, “D”