Another windy Friday!

Good morning!

Wind is howling up here in the valley as the sun slowly comes up over the mountains.  I love this time of year not only because it’s the holiday season, but because people always seem to be in a happier mood which is a good thing, especially in a year filled with so much crisis and human suffering.  And speaking of suffering, I found out yesterday that three of my friends are in the hospital battling some very serious health issues.  To Les, Nikki, and Stan, we send our hopes and prayers for a quick and complete recovery!

The battle scars from my recent run-in with the squash court wall seem to be healing nicely, although they are now much more visible.  The two on my forehead and the ones on my knuckles always seem to attract the most stares and ridicule … oh well, I deserve it.  Learned an important lesson, though … when Man vs. Wall – Wall always wins!

ManoaDNA is back at Lulu’s tonight from 6-9pm.  Our schedule for the next few months will be crazy due to the holidays and special events so please be sure to check our website for the latest schedule of performances.

Stay positive, my friends, and have a great weekend!

Aloha, “D”