Wounded again …

Hey peeps,

Well, my Kona “buzz” came to a swift and violent end yesterday.  Since my shoulder was feeling pretty good, I decided to play some squash yesterday with my lunch gang.  I hadn’t played much in the last six months, so I felt a little disoriented and was having some trouble with my footwork.  And then it happened – while chasing after a ball during a rally, I totally lost my balance and ran face first into the wall!  Next thing I know, I’m on my back and staring up at one of my partners, a doctor, who’s trying to see if I still have a pulse!  hahaha!  Luckily there was no concussion or broken bones, but I do have a few “strawberries” and bruises on my face and body.  So this morning I’m a little stiff and sore and my shoulder sucks again … but at least I still have my beloved Dunkin’ Donuts coffee to help ease the pain!

Well, after that nice little episode I went back to my office and told everyone that I was injured fighting off a gang of robbers … of course, no one believed me so I had to confess what really happened and they all had a good laugh on my account!  So to ease the pain of embarrassment, I met my friend Kurt down at Side Street Inn later that afternoon and took solace in some pork chops, fried rice, spicy chicken, and poke … nothing like some old fashioned comfort food to soothe the injured ego!

Aloha, “D”