Kona bound

Happy Aloha Friday, my friends!

It’s 6:30am here in Manoa and the wind and rain are howling outside!  Pretty blustery weather for this APEC weekend …

We’re off to Kona today which is great since APEC has pretty much taken over the place, and it’s the full moon weekend which means we’ll be performing at the Eva Parker Wood cottage tomorrow night for Danny Akaka’s “Talk Story” event.  It’ll be great to see Danny & Anna, John, Pi’i, Francis, Susan, and all the rest of the gang again .. they all work very hard to put on this great event every month.  And even though the Kona side of the Big Island tends to be hot & dry most of the time, I’m still going to take a rain jacket and something warm because I definitely don’t want to get a relapse of this damn cold!

I played golf with my Thursday degenerates yesterday afternoon and even though my game sucked, it still felt great to get out into the sunshine (and a few passing showers) and whack that little white ball around.  This was my first outing since I got back from Japan and for some reason, I really seemed to enjoy it a lot more than usual.  I’m also glad that ManoaDNA will be home through the holidays (thank God!) so we can all get a well-deserved rest and recharge ourselves for 2012.  But that doesn’t mean that we won’t be busy because we’ll be hard at work on new music and other surprises for you guys next year.  Plus, since it’s the holiday season we’ll all be down at IOLANI on Kona St. helping out, so come by and say “Howzit!” the next time you’re by Ala Moana!

My avocado tree is now almost out of fruit … got a few more that I’ll pick after we get back from the Big Island.  I’m not sure if this tree will survive another year, though … it’s termite-ravaged and pretty much on its last legs.  I’m going to attempt to regenerate this great old tree’s “lineage” by taking cuttings from it to create little saplings.  Hope it works …

Aloha, “D”