Windy Thursday

Aloha, peeps!

Feels like the holiday season has finally arrived … weather’s cooler and there’s been a lot of wind and rain recently.  I love this time of year, especially the cool, clear wintry mornings when the temperatures frequently drop into the “freezing” 60°+ range!  Sometimes it actually dips BELOW that and hits 59°- brrrrr!  I’m sure all of you up there in the colder climates are shaking your heads and muttering “wimps” under your breaths, so let me gently say … “Eat your hearts out, baybeeeee!!!

We’re all recovering from this awful cold which I generously shared with everyone upon my return from Japan.  The boys didn’t get it as bad as Carla and I did, though … of course, that’s probably because they’re young and virile while we’re a couple of old farts.  My voice is about 80% which is a vast improvement from a couple of days ago.  The cough still persists with frequent uncontrollable bouts and it’s now starting to really piss me off!  And to make matters worse, some of my friends told me that this stuff can last for weeks … frick!  Carla has the same symptoms that I had so her voice is now a deep baritone and lower than mine … and the good thing is that when she tries to yell, all you hear is a squeak!

Did I ever tell you guys about my favorite avocado sandwich?  Someone asked me about it the other day since I’d been blogging about our avocado tree recently.  My favorite avocado sandwiches are at Ba-Le and Good Earth.  The Good Earth’s sandwich is pretty basic – avocado, sprouts, lettuce, mayo, tomato, on grain bread – but it’s done well with just the right amounts of ingredients, so hard to go wrong there.  The avocado sandwich at Ba-Le however, is the bomb … it’s done Asian-style with lots of avocado and pickled vegetables and sprinkled with a light, sweet vinaigrette, all on a freshly baked French roll!  Trust me … it may not sound like much but it is truly one of the best sandwiches ever!  There are several Ba-Le sandwich shops here on O’ahu, but I always go to the one next to Sports Authority on Ward Ave. since it’s near IOLANI.  Check it out the next time you’re at SA shopping for a jog bra or jock …

Aloha, “D”