Monday morning ….

Good morning, everyone!  It’s Monday, Nov. 7th,  and the start of another great week here in paradise.  The APEC conference starts today and things should get pretty crazy around here, especially in the Waikiki area.  But in spite of all the hassles, this event gives Hawai’i a chance to showcase itself to the world as a premier destination not only for pleasure but for business as well.  ManoaDNA is performing at a private reception for delegates from Australia tonight (thank goodness it’s at a location outside of Waikiki – don’t know if I can handle all the security checkpoints!).  Speaking of the Land Down Under, I’ve met many Australians at our performances in Waikiki and they are great fans.  They love their music, their food & drink, and most of all, they love to have fun!  It would be awesome if ManoaDNA could perform there one day …

One more thing … I’m not sure if Alex already mentioned this in his blog, but when we arrived back from Japan last Monday, the reception we got from airport and U.S. Immigration personnel was absolutely horrible.  I realize that APEC is in town and that security is extra tight, but does that make it ok to be an a–hole too?  Man, I thought we had landed in Cuba or something … the police state mentality of these guys was unbelievable!  We spend tens of millions of dollars trying to promote our state as the land of aloha and they’re treating our guests this way?!  Somebody better educate these guys fast … these visitors are paying their salaries!

I can’t seem to shake this nasty cough.  I go through these bouts where I start coughing uncontrollably, which further irritates my throat causing me to cough even more!  I had a cold earlier this year that had the same kind of symptoms … really sucks!  As you know, I don’t like to take drugs, but it looks like I may have to start taking some of the strong prescription cough medicine that my doctor gave me.  Oh well, whatever it takes ….

Aloha, “D”