‘Morning, all.

Woke up this morning with more body ache and fever – this sucks!  I took two Tylenol and started feeling a little better after a while.  I could feel myself coming down with something during our last day in Japan … it started with a little cough in the morning and by the evening, I had no voice.  I pretty much gutted it out during our flight home and have been sleeping on and off for the last 24 hrs.

Our last two days in Japan were spent in Ishinomaki and Sendai.  Ishinomaki is another one of the coastal cities in Miyagi prefecture which was badly damaged by the earthquake and tsunami.   Our first stop was a nursery school for children of evacuees where we delivered Legos and art supplies, and gave out Halloween candy.  After that we headed on over to a baseball facility to make a donation to help the city restore the field which the Japan Self Defense Force used as one of their staging areas during the March 11th disaster.  The field was pretty much destroyed and unusable, so restoring it will allow the local school and minor league teams to have a place to play again.  Yesterday, we did a short performance at the Sendai YMCA before catching our bullet train to Tokyo, where the boys and I had a short meeting before joining the group for a farewell dinner at a sukiyaki restaurant in the Ginza.  After that we headed to Haneda for our flight home …

Aloha, “D”