New week …

Happy “Aloha Monday”, everyone!

You can’t ask for a more beautiful day to start the new week … it is absolutely gorgeous here in Manoa!  I spent yesterday watching a couple of good NFL football games (both undefeated teams lost!) in the morning and afterward decided to pick avocados and trim some of the branches away from our roof.  I must’ve picked over a hundred avocados before finally giving up.  The funny thing is that I only got to pick about a fourth of the tree … holy crap, that tree has a lot of fruit!

I went and got dinner at Asia Manoa last night – great Chinese food with no MSG!  Ordered my favorite Szechuan spicy pork eggplant, some house noodles, mu shui pork, and salt & pepper shrimp … so good, but I ate way too much.   Our Japan friends also brought us some great chocolate-covered arare (rice crackers) as omiyage which we’ve been eating non-stop and is disappearing fast.  And by the way, did you notice that my favorite subject is always FOOD??!!

Another busy week lies ahead (sigh!) with several performances and rehearsals, along with ongoing preparations for next week’s Project Aloha goodwill tour to Japan.  It’s turning out to be another very busy month for ManoaDNA!!

Aloha, “D”